Simple Tips to Give Your Living Room A Face Lift

As the old saying goes “a change is as good as a rest.” It’s true for your home too. We spend a lot of our time at home, looking at the same four walls. It would be lovely to be able to redecorate every couple of years but sometimes it’s no practical. It can be disruptive. If you’re doing it yourself then you need to find the time and if you get a professional in then it can prove very costly.

Often you don’t need to do a whole overhaul of a room. Here are some simple steps to give your living room a pick me up.

Move the Furniture

Think about how you use your room. Is there anything that annoys you? Does the room work well for you? Would the room work better if the furniture was moved around?  This option won’t cost a penny but will probably give the biggest change to the feel of the room. You might need to grab an extra pair of hands if moving big items but it’s reasonably straight forward.

Add Some Plants

There’s a reason that people feel better getting out amongst Mother Nature. The same effect can be felt by bringing the outdoors in too. As well as houseplants looking great they also have been proven to reduce stress. Some well placed plants can really change the feel of a room.

Change the Cushions

When you buy a sofa, you know that the chances are you’ll have to live with it for a good few years. It’s not an item that you can change regularly. However you can change the look of your sofa by adding new cushions. If you’ve existing cushions are still plump then you could just buy cushion covers and this will keep the cost down for you.